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Smart LMS

Installation Guide

Step One

Thanks for taking a look at Smart LMS, before installing please check that you have the following items,

  • Server with PHP installed
  • Server with MySQL Server installed
  • HTML5 Browser (Chrome recommended!)

Next download the recommended release from

Step Two

Extract the zip folder named, this file contains all of the installation files for the LMS!
Take your extracted files and put them in the WWW root folder of your web server, this will allow for users to go to your desired URL to see the LMS.

Step Three

You are now going to need a database, on the same server create a database named ‘smartlms’, you can use any database you want but smartlms is recommended.

Step Four

Go to your web browser and go to your site, you should be greeted with the installer page, please type in your database host, username and password along with database name to continue.

Step Five

To login use the username admin and the password password, these are the default site details, you must change these on first login.

Step Six

Thanks for installing smart lms & Enjoy! We auto update smart lms so there is no need to re-download and install, although you can do that if you require!

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ngeshlew May 16, 2014 at 5:47 PM 

Can I install the system on my local drive for testing.

If yes, what do I type in the Website textbox?