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Main Specification

Typical Users


The student will require an LMS that is easy to use and well designed as well as aesthetically pleasing. It could also offer them the ability for the student to customize an area for themselves and engage in discussions with fellow classmates. The student needs the LMS to be fast, responsive and intuitive. The LMS should also have their chosen and studied subjects in an easy to find place with relevant files and links to other websites. It could also have an “e-planner” with homework that they have been set with the files they require.
Must: be easy to use, be well designed, be aesthetically pleasing, be fast and be responsive.
Should: have easy access to studied subjects, have file links and website links
Could: be customizable, have discussion forums, implement an “e-planner” feature


The teacher will require an LMS that is easy to use and helps them teach instead of making them spend extra time adding things to the LMS. They must be able to edit their class pages and add files and pages for their students to look at.
Must: have editable class pages, have class file storage

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